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Sterilization Bag

  • Sterilization Bag
Sterilization Bag

Sterilization Bag

Sterilization Bag Size

Carton Quantity

Applicable Instruments


1 carton of 12 rolls

Probes, mouth mirrors, soldering irons, filling instruments


1 carton of 12 rolls

Triple syringes, polishing brushes and cups, dental working tips, sandblasting tips, healing abutment transfer posts, pulp extirpation handles, knife handles, high-speed handpieces, low-speed handpieces, contra-angled handpieces, plastic spatulas, adhesive powder fillers, resin carving knives, metal saliva ejectors, probes, large (small) bone files, excavators, metal spatulas, bone membrane separators


1 carton of 8 rolls

Straight handpiece burrs, forming clamps, bite cushions, handpiece motors for expansion, orthodontic aligner, straight handpieces, mouth openers, needle holders, tooth extraction forceps, periodontal scalers, hemostatic forceps


1 carton of 6 rolls

Impression trays, crown measurement gauges, dental scaler handles, MA syringe, dental hammer, lip and cheek retractor, pediatric tooth extraction forceps


1 carton of 4 rolls

Towels, hand towels, instrument trays, adult tooth extraction forceps


1 carton of 4 rolls

Bone expanders, bone splitters, implant phase II repair kits, surgical instrument kits

Self-sealing Sterilization Bag 90x260mm

Applicable for three-piece mouth mirrors, probes, soldering irons (all three can be placed simultaneously)

Scope of application:

Vacuum packing of dental instruments, consumables and other items or for sterilization work

Instructions for use:

1. Choose a suitable size of bag according to the size of the sterilised items (up to 3/4 of the volume of the paper bag); place the items inside the packaging material and seal tightly.

2. The recommended sealing temperature for rolls is 180°C - 200°C.

3. After pressure steam sterilisation (3 minutes at 134°C; 15 minutes at 121°C), the indicator markings change from blue to grey/black; after ethylene oxide sterilisation (recommended concentration of 600mg/L, 52°C, 65-85% relative humidity, 2-4 hours), the indicator markings change from red to golden/brown.

Sterilisation rolls/bags placement instructions:

1. heavy objects are underneath

2. Placement should be loose

3. Paper to paper, plastic to plastic between different packages



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